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The service objectives of our Trust are to provide wrap-around social support services to whanau. This service can include: advocacy, long-term mentoring, specialised counselling for children, lifeskills development and parenting support, enabling families to be self-determing and aspirational.  Our service delivery is culturally appropriate and effective.  The effectiveness of our work has grown because of our constant partnership with other agencies in the community.

Established in September 1995, the Trust works with familes and children in the communities of Pt England, Panmure and Glen Innes.  Our vision is to see a community of people who are educated, employed, empowered and reaching their potential.  We want to see children happy, healthy and thriving. 

What People (Organisations) Say About Us

"Pt England staff and management are very grateful to the Tamaki Community (Development) Trust for providing the school with such valuable and diverse set of supports that have proved year after year to make measurable and highly significant positive changes to the lives of children and their families." Delwyn Jarman, Past Associate Principal, Pt England School

"At Pt England we have long believed that 'it takes a village to raise a child' and we are hugely grateful for the input and contribution of TCDT, they are an extremely valuable resource for our school and the community we serve". Toni Nua, Associate Principal, Pt England School.

"..the TCDT workers offer a down to earth, practical and often more immediate response to these families needs.  The workers are very in-tune with our community and families and know just how much support to give..." Rhonda Kelly, Principal, Tamaki Primary School.

"The Tamaki Community Development Trust' provide a more holistic, pastoral support system with our families and we work closely together, in order to get the best possible outcomes and positive change.  This team approach is invaluable.  The Community Workers always go the extra mile to support our families and make themselves available to attend important meetings or to have a team discussion.  They work so hard to achieve positive outcomes for families and their increasing level of skill is apparent by the results they are receiving." Georgia Jensen-Proctor, Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour, Nga Manu Awhina - Cluster 8.

"It is fair to say that without the work of the Tamaki Community Developement Trust in the community there would have been many families and individuals lost along the way.  It is changing things today, that there is hope for tomorrow" Kathryn Moore, Deputy Principal, Tamaki College.

 What our Clients say about us

"...has been a big inspiration to my big family.  This organisation is very fantastic..."

"... her willingness to learn about my son's special needs...her love and understanding for the boys..she puts other people's needs ahead of hers and she cares alot about the community, the families....she is a very special person...thankyou for helping us and being there for us..." 

"..has been amazing and very helpful with everything that I needed help with..."

"..helped my Dad when he was drunk..took care of me..."

"...is a wonderful, caring lady who works so hard for her community.  She gave our family support and love at times of need.  Thank you so much..."

"..helped my son at school and it made a big difference on his learning and behaviour..."










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